bullet point April 2017

High dropout rates – Technology to the rescue? - " With a high proportion of university students in South Africa dropping out before graduation, many in their first year of study, higher education institutions are turning to technology in an attempt to arrest the declining pass rate. But the complex problem may need a more radical approach."...(

bullet point March 2017

Is higher education for the public good? - " There is no South African academic who has not been intensely engaged over the events of the past year – the protests around #RhodesMustFall through to #FeesMustFall – in trying to think about and understand these unprecedented and fast changing events – they have affected and challenged us all deeply."...(

Revolutionising the global knowledge society - " A revolution can be defined as a fundamental change to the status quo that occurs in a relatively short timeframe. Revolutions of all types (political, economic, social, technological) have occurred numerous times throughout human history. Although the seeds of revolutions are usually planted over many years, they typically do not reach full fruition until triggered by a momentous innovation, event or other actions"...(

Universities must find a way to challenge populism - " Higher education needs a new focus based on democratic and global citizenship, according to Fernando Reimers, professor of international education at Harvard University, who eruditely and passionately defended the values of freedom and equality against the rise of populism, in a keynote speech at the co-hosted WISE – World Innovation Summit for Education – and Santander forum in Madrid, Spain, on Tuesday."...(

bullet point October 2016

40 NMMU students arrested in 3 days - " Forty students have been arrested during clashes with police since the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) announced it was reopening its doors on Monday.The university said it would reopen its doors on Monday for lecturers and staff, in preparation for classes to resume on Tuesday morning.It obtained a court order prohibiting students from preventing"...(

bullet point September 2016

Under-funding, not protests, is driving South African universities down global rankings - "The most widely respected world university rankings have all recently published their latest results. The release of the Times Higher Education 2016-17 and Quacquarelli Symonds 2016-17 rankings have coincided with a resurgence in protests at many of South Africa’s universities. Most of South Africa’s universities have dropped down these ranking tables"...(

How PhD graduates are battling to break into academia - "Johannesburg - Academics staying in their university positions beyond retirement are good for mentoring younger scholars, but are hogging positions newly qualified researchers need to break into the higher education teaching and research space.

As universities try to strike a balance between making the most of their seasoned academics and “growing green shoots”, doctoral graduates are lamenting the lack of available academic positions."...(

bullet point July 2016

Beat it, impact factor! Publishing elite turns against controversial metric -"Senior staff at leading journals want to end inappropriate use of the measure.
The tide is turning against the impact factor —one of publishing’s most contentious metrics — and its outsized impact on science. Calculated by various companies and promoted by publishers, journal impact factors (JIFs) are a measure of the average number of citations that articles published by a journal in the previous two years have received in the current year."...(

Decolonisation involves more than simply turning back the clock -"South Africans have been appalled during 2016 by images of graduates “begging” for jobs at traffic lights. Their pleas are a stark depiction of the country’s grave youth unemployment crisis. This, and the broader economic crunch, has probably at least partly driven the student protests that began in early 2015. During their protests students have raised critical questions about the structural causes of growing inequalities"...(

Global academic collaboration: a new form of colonisation? -"Higher education in Africa is as old as the pyramids in Egypt. But the continent’s ancient institutions have long disappeared. The type of higher education that’s delivered in Africa today, from curriculum to degree structure and the languages of instruction, is rooted in colonialism. This has led many to question whether African universities are still suffering from a sort of colonisation – of the mind"...(

Pressure to publish is choking the academic profession -"The southern hemisphere’s cold weather is a certain signal that winter conference season is upon us. In the coming weeks academics – from many disciplines – will be spending freezing nights in student dorms and days exchanging disciplinary gossip on the plight of the universities and on what is new in their chosen field."...(

bullet point June 2016

Professor and postgraduates do UKZN and South Africa proud at world building congress -"Professor Haupt and three of his cohort of postgraduate students recently attended World Building Congress 2016 (CIB16) under the auspices of the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB) held in Tampere, Finland. Apart from Prof Haupt being involved with CIB Board activities in his capacity as Regional Director: CIB Sub-Saharan Africa during the CIB16, the students presented four rigorously reviewed papers, titled"...(read more)

University of Johannesburg’s Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment . The first in South Africa to roll out Accredited BEngTech Qualifications -"In 2017, in line with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), Council of Higher Education’s (CHE) new Higher Education Quality Sub-Framework (HEQSF), and Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) guidance, the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment (FEBE) at University of Johannesburg will roll out its approved three year BEngTech and Built Environment Bachelors qualifications"...(read more)

bullet point May 2016

Universities SA condemns incidents of arson at public universities -"Universities South Africa (USAf), the representative association of the 26 public universities in South Africa, condemns with the utmost contempt the rampant arson attacks being perpetrated at our universities in the past week. The attempted burning of the Council Chamber at Rhodes University; the actual burning of a residential building at the Vaal University of Technology and the burning of the main auditorium at the University of Johannesburg are the latest cases in point.."...(read more)

bullet point April 2016

Can UCT be allowed to die? -"Watching the ruin of UKZN under the Vice Chancellorship of William Makgoba was a dismal business. Early on certain departments and faculties were slated for cuts. At the same time a series of “affirmative” appointments and promotions took place which gave administrative power to some people who were devoid of administrative ability and, often, with little real sympathy or understanding of the academic world."...(

bullet point March 2016

How education theory could be used to help shape genuine democracy -"Come 1994, many South Africans assumed that the official end of apartheid meant “job done – we are a democracy.” But despite an excellent constitution and world-class public institutions, the country looks increasingly dysfunctional."...(,, (pdf . 295 KB)

bullet point January 2016

Quality, free university education is necessary – and possible -"There have been some disquieting contributions to the debate about South Africans' right to access quality public university education. Some suggest that it is unsustainable. Such people insist that fee payments are unavoidable. Making free, quality university education available to all would impose a greater burden on the economy, and will only benefit students who can already afford to pay, we are told"...(,, (pdf . 295 KB)

bullet point October 2015

Student protests give South Africans a glimpse into hidden lives -"Just as mass protests were beginning at various campuses across South Africa, a fracas broke out among leading advocates at the country’s Bar. Leading human rights lawyer Richard Spoor was questioned about his decision to argue an important case on silicosis with an overwhelmingly white and male team. Spoor suggested he had little choice, arguing that “we only brief exceptional counsel,” including juniors who have graduated “summa cum laude” and “who quite frankly border on genius”. These kinds of cases, he concluded, don’t “leave much room for charity or experimentation”....(,, (pdf, 327 KB)

Why it’s getting harder to access free, quality academic research - "Academics at South Africa’s universities increased their research output by 250% between 2000 and 2013. Taxpayers funded a great deal of that research. For instance, R24 billion was spent on research and development in the 2012-13 financial year – more than half of it from the public purse.”....(,, (pdf, 545 KB)

University fees: how to structure a system that benefits poor students -Students across South African universities have embarked on protests against planned fee increases and are also demanding free education. Business and Economy editor Andile Makholwa put questions to Nicholas Barr, Professor of Public Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science, about the best ways to fund university education...(,, (pdf, 392 KB)

bullet point October 2014

ASOCSA Visits Zambia

The President, Ferdinand Fester and Vice-President, Theo Haupt visited the National Council of Construction in Lusaka, Zambia in October and met with the Executive Director, Charles Mushota and Materials Specialist, Isaac Ngulube.

The meeting cemented the relationship between the 2 institutions with commitment to work together more actively and visibly to achieve mutual objectives.

Issues that were discussed included the hosting by NCC of the 10th Built Environment Conference in Zambia in 2016, promotion of both institutions in the region, CPD events, hosting of one-day events under ASOCSA/CIB banner, and collaborative research.


bullet point June 2011

GLOBAL: Build bridges between academia and media -Universities and the media should be natural allies, given similarities in their social mandates, and there are many examples of how fruitful partnerships between them have enriched public discourse, Adam Habib, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of Johannesburg, said in Toronto last week. But for both sectors to be globally responsive they need to be aware of global inequalities and voice the concerns and interests of the marginalised...- University World News, Issue: 176, Karen MacGregor, (pdf, 27KB)

CANADA: Whose brain is that anyway? - Brain drain is a problem that will never be solved, Professor Philip Altbach told delegates at the Worldviews Conference in Toronto. While many people feel bad for developing countries that lose top intellectuals, he said that as long as there is a global marketplace for academic talent, there is little that can be done to keep people at home and few to blame for the difficulties this creates. "Morality plays almost no role in this"...- University World News, Issue: 176, Philip Fine, (pdf, 17KB)

GLOBAL: Women's progress: More action needed - After her presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton (pictured) commented that 18 million votes in the primaries equated to 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling. Maybe, but at the same time that the cracks are being made, there are still people seeking to patch them up...- University World News, Issue: 176, Krista Varantola, (pdf, 26KB)

AFRICA: University support funds under-used - Association of African Universities Acting President, Professor George Magoha, has urged universities to exploit funds and opportunities that the association offers for teaching and development. The AAU has money for staff exchange and ICT training that is being wasted...- University World News, Issue: 79, Munyaradzi Makoni, (pdf, 22KB)

AFRICA: Slow progress towards harmonisation - Adapting some of the lessons from Europe's Bologna process to the African context could help to speed up the sluggish pace of higher education harmonisation on the continent, according to the African Union Commission's Dr Yohannes Woldetensae...- University World News, Issue: 79, Sharon Dell, (pdf, 27KB)

SOUTHERN AFRICA: Call for a regional research fund - Southern African universities have called for a regional fund to boost public sector research, which is considered critical to the ability of countries to innovate and develop economically. A detailed plan for a $100 million five-year fund was submitted to the continent's biggest higher education event, the biennial conference of the Association of African Universities, held at Stellenbosch University this week...- University World News, Issue: 79, Karen MacGregor, (pdf, 33KB)

bullet point May 2011

AFRICA: Terrorist threat hampers research in Sahel - Research projects vital for the Sahel region are in jeopardy across Western Africa, particularly in Mali, Mauritania and Niger, as fears about terrorist attacks increase and scientists abandon fieldwork in isolated parts of the region...- University World News, Issue: 173, Yojana Sharma, (pdf, 52KB)

EAST AFRICA: Higher education harmonisation hitches - A fresh row has erupted over the planned harmonisation of higher education systems in the East African Community region, after member states differed over the duration of degrees.

The five East African Community (EAC) countries - Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda - plan to harmonise their higher education as they integrate into one trading bloc...- University World News, Issue: 173, Gilbert Nganga, (pdf, 46KB)

bullet point April 2011

AFRICA: Higher education and democratic citizenship -Formal education in Africa has provided 'democratic dividends', enabling people to make greater use of the news media, obtain information and understanding about politics and thus become more cognitively engaged and critical, according to research. But it is high school, and not higher education, that pays the greatest dividend... - University World News, Issue: 75, (pdf, 104KB)

bullet point March 2011

AFRICA: Research into higher education busts myths -Major research into African universities has been "myth-busting", says Professor Peter Maassen of the University of Oslo, co-author of a new report on higher education and development on the continent. The study revealed that flagship universities in eight African countries are more similar to institutions elsewhere than is generally perceived, with well-qualified staff, positive student-to-staff ratios, and rising enrolments including in science, engineering and technology... - University World News, Issue: 163, Karen MacGregor, (pdf, 85KB)

US: Academic publishing must promote good scholarship - Since 2005, and with generous support from the AW Mellon Foundation, The Future of Scholarly Communication Project at the University of California, Berkeley's Center for Studies in Higher Education has been exploring how academic values - including those related to peer review, publishing, sharing and collaboration - influence scholarly communication practices and engagement with new technological affordances, open access publishing and the public good... - University World News, Issue: 163, Diane Harley and Sophia Krzys Acord, (pdf, 74KB)

US-AFRICA: University partnerships for development - A number of ambitious US-led initiatives are helping to reinvigorate African higher education, said delegates at the annual Association of International Education Administrators conference in San Francisco. Funded in large part by the US government, they seek to strengthen and develop African universities through partnerships with US institutions... - University World News, Issue: 0072, Alison Moodie, (pdf, 41KB)

bullet point February 2011

ZAMBIA: Universities call for improved connectivity - Zambia's three public universities have put proposals before government for the installation of a framework to improve internet access and inter-connectivity between local and regional universities. They are also lobbying for a review of ICT policies that would among other things facilitate research and access to US and European library and digitised resources... - University World News, Issue: 0072, (pdf, 65KB)

AFRICA: New plan for graduate employment - Higher education leaders meeting in Ghana last month agreed that Africa needs to enhance the employability of graduates by supporting students in their attempts to prepare themselves for the labour market. The 150 delegates from 14 African countries produced a draft 10-point plan aimed at ensuring industry absorbs the growing numbers of graduates on the continent ... - University World News, Issue: 0072, Munyaradzi Makoni (pdf, 70KB)

AFRICA: Connecting higher education and development - The Higher Education Research and Advocacy Network in Africa, HERANA, has gathered the most comprehensive and systematic data on a group of Sub-Saharan African universities ever compiled. Research over three years in eight countries uncovered urgent needs for a 'pact' on the important role of higher education in development, strengthening the 'academic core' in universities, and greater coordination among higher education actors ... - University World News, Issue: 160, Karen MacGregori (pdf, 92KB)

UK: New visa system gives priority to academics - Academics are to be prioritised in the government's shake-up of the visa system. Under Home Office proposals, the points system for Tier 2 (skilled work) visas will be overhauled to prioritise PhD-level occupations with domestic shortages, including research and higher education teaching positions, writes Paul Jump for Times Higher Education... - University World News, Issue: 159 (pdf, 33KB)

NAMIBIA: Calls mount for national research commission - Namibia's Ministry of Education has been urged to speed up the process of establishing a national commission on research, science and technology, and a research fund, as prescribed by the Research, Science and Technology Act of 2004. The country's first academy of sciences is also in the pipeline... - University World News, Issue: 159, Utaara Hovekai (pdf, 33KB)

AFRICA: Centres of excellence develop future leaders - Five Centres of Excellence in Africa established more than two years ago by the German Academic Exchange Service could be part of the answer to the continent's brain drain. There is demand for higher training by students and the centres feel they are yet to reach their full potential... - University World News, Issue: 0071,Munyaradzi Makoni (pdf, 41KB)

bullet point January 2011

SOUTH AFRICA: African Doctoral Academy launched - Promoting human development by helping to counter the effects of the graduate brain drain and the decline of scholarship in Africa are the cornerstones of the African Doctoral Academy, which was formally launched this week at Stellenbosch University in South Africa... - University World News, Issue: 0070,Munyaradzi Makoni , 30 January 2011 (pdf, 15KB)

SOUTH AFRICA: Black graduates quadruple in two decades - In a country still struggling to overcome the legacy of apartheid education, data reflecting a four-fold increase in the number of black African graduates from South African universities since 1991 has been hailed as an indication of a successfully transforming higher education sector... - University World News, Issue: 0070, Sharon Dell , 30 January 2011 (pdf, 15KB)

UGANDA: International university approved - Uganda has approved the setting up of an international university that will partner with institutions from around the world to deliver accredited courses and degree programmes to students in Uganda and other East African countries as well as Southern Sudan and Nigeria... - University World News, Issue: 155, Wagdy Sawahel , 23 January 2011 (pdf, 18KB)

GLOBAL: Perceived returns of higher education - Can the earnings premium which higher education gives students over their lifetime encourage more into university and get them to agree to foot some of the bill - if not as students then as graduates? Governments are certainly keen to know. In recent years many have sought to expand the number of students going into higher education, but they are under economic pressure to keep the costs to the public purse down... - University World News, Issue: 154, Jana Fiserova and John Anchor, 16 January 2011 (pdf, 18KB)

AFRICA: Call for problem-solving research proposals - The African Union Commission is seeking proposals for research focusing on a number of areas, with the aim of solving the continent's problems using African scientists. In a statement the AU Commission said its Human Resources, Science and Technology department would spearhead the initiative for the next three years. The deadline of the call for proposals is 30 April... - University World News, Issue: 0069, 16 January 2011 (pdf, 23KB)

SOUTH AFRICA: Massive growth in post-school places - In its push to expand participation in tertiary education, the government announced last week that opportunities for South Africans who passed school-leaving examinations in December would grow by 56% this year. And under political pressure to provide free higher education, President Jacob Zuma promised students on state loans a free final year if they graduate... - University World News, Issue: 0069, Karen MacGregor, 16 January 2011 (pdf, 25KB)

bullet point November 2010

SOUTH AFRICA: A progressive higher education agenda -The focus of higher education in South Africa has been on policies and reforms and their impacts. What is sorely needed, says Adam Habib, Deputy Vice-chancellor of the University of Johannesburg, is engaged executives who critically reflect on their managerial experiences "leading to lessons that can advance a socially progressive higher education agenda"... - University World News, Issue: 006,Munyaradzi Makoni, 14 November 2010 (pdf, 43KB)

SOUTH AFRICA: Academics, executives embrace dialogue -There is a dearth of critical voices on what direction higher education should take. More often than not academics and executives do not share views although they are fighting for the same purpose. When the two 'sides' met at Rhodes University in South Africa for a second round-table last month, the debate was wide-ranging - and included how to continue talking... - University World News, Issue: 006, 14 November 2010 (pdf, 33KB)

AFRICA: Lessons from US foundation collaboration -A "highly unusual" 10-year higher education partnership between seven US foundations, each with its distinct brand of organisational culture, leadership style and mission, is guaranteed to generate interesting lessons and valuable advice for future collaborations... - University World News, Issue: 006,Sharon Dell, 14 November 2010 (pdf, 38KB)

EU-AFRICA: Tap development funds for research -A senior South African diplomat has called on the European Union to consider the economic development created in Africa by research investments, when weighing overseas funding priorities... - University World News, Issue: 006,Keith Nuthall, 14 November 2010 (pdf, 38KB)

bullet point September 2010

SOUTH AFRICA: Vice-chancellors, law deans slam bill - University vice-chancellors and law deans across South Africa have joined the growing protest against the country's controversial proposed media laws. Higher Education South Africa, the vice-chancellors' association, and the South African Law Deans Association have condemned the planned legislation as placing academic freedom in jeopardy... - University World News, Issue: 0061,Alison Moodie, 05 September 2010(pdf, 26KB)

SOUTH AFRICA: Row over research into school books - With its basic education system in a shambles, the South African government is rolling out easy-to-read workbooks to the poorest schools. But it may be wasting millions of Rand - more rigorous research is needed to test the efficacy of such books before they are handed out to children, according to a new study by researchers at the University of the Witwatersrand and JET Education Services. The study has infuriated the book project leaders... - University World News, Issue: 0061,Alison Moodie, 05 September 2010(pdf, 26KB)

ZAMBIA: Higher education gender disparities reduced - Zambia has said it is on the way towards meeting one of the Millennium Development Goals of eliminating gender disparities in education - including in higher education through affirmative action programmes for female students... - University World News, Issue: 0061, 05 September 2010(pdf, 17KB)

ANGOLA: Call for research centres of excellence -Angola's Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technologies, Maria Cândida Teixeira, has called on the heads of institutes of science education to create centres of excellence in their regions... - University World News, Issue: 0061,AngolaPress, 05 September 2010(pdf, 15KB)

SOMALILAND: Higher education booms despite challenges -Struggling to rebuild its infrastructure after years of civil war with Somalia, Somaliland saw its first university inaugurated in 1998 and has been steadily building its higher education system ever since. While significant challenges remain, higher education is booming as each year thousands of school-leavers pin their hopes on the country's universities and colleges... - University World News, Issue: 0061,Ahmed Mohamoud Elmi, 05 September 2010(pdf, 21KB)

bullet point August 2010

SOUTH AFICA: Minister backs media-gagging proposals -Two proposed media laws aimed at gagging South Africa's press have drawn both support and ire from the country's higher education leaders. Minister of Higher Education and Training Dr Blade Nzimande has backed a planned media tribunal, while a vice-chancellor has slammed the proposed legislation as trampling on academic freedom... - University World News, Issue: 137,Alison Moodie, 29 August 2010 (pdf, 23KB)

SOUTH AFRICA: Decline in PhD numbers a major problem - South Africa's inability to produce enough doctoral graduates to build the 'knowledge economy' it aspires to, or simply to replace the existing cohort of academics in the higher education system, is a challenge widely acknowledged by government departments, their agencies and universities. But fixing the problem is a lot harder. ... - University World News, Issue: 0060,Sharon Dell, 22 August 2010 (pdf, 25KB)

ZAMBIA: Spotlight on education and health research - In recent updates to parliament, lawmakers heard of plans to strengthen mathematics and science education, that construction work on Zambia's most prestigious university had remained unfinished for 45 years, and that government was funding collaborative research with a South African institute on testing traditional HIV-Aids medicines (pdf, 21KB)

UK-AFRICA: New guide to higher education partnerships -North-South partnerships between educational institutions are viewed as an important way in which the human and institutional capacity of African universities can be improved. But building and maintaining successful partnerships that can work within and challenge the tenacious asymmetries of global power, resources and capabilities often require sensitive planning and attention to detail. ... - University World News, Issue: 0060, Sharon Dell ,22 August 2010 - (pdf, 23KB)

GERMANY: Programme to boost international doctorates -Germany has started a new programme to attract more excellent postgraduates from abroad. IPID - International promovieren in Deutschland - is designed to enhance the image of German doctoral training and develop new programmes with foreign partner universities ... - University World News, Issue: 136, Michael Gardner ,22 August 2010 - (pdf, 16KB)

bullet point June 2010

South African universities and the 2010 World Cup - Football fever has swept across South Africa. While stadiums play host to jubilant fans and football superstars, through a variety of initiatives universities are bringing their expertise and resources to bear on the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Research projects, accommodation for teams and fans, access to sports facilities, exhibitions and soccer events have brought the monumental contest to campuses... - University World News, Issue: 0128,Alison Moodie, 13 June 2010 - (pdf, 32KB)

Research explores 'development and dreams' - The 2010 FIFA world cup inspired one of the largest consolidated research exercises in South Africa in years. Culminating in a 2009 book, Development and Dreams, the research found the economic benefits of the global tournament had been wildly over-stated but its infrastructure and social legacies would be considerable, said co-editor Dr Udesh Pillay... - University World News, Issue: 0128,Karen MacGregor, 13 June 2010 - (pdf, 28KB)

The brains behind the 'beautiful game' - They dissected, debated and metaphorically dribbled and did exactly what FIFA President Sepp Blatter has warned against - over-analysed the game of football. But they are the brains behind the 'beautiful game', whose goal is to score big with science that will benefit the sport... - University World News, Issue: 0128,Debbie Derry, 13 June 2010 - (pdf, 22KB)

The lost opportunities of local football - The from-the-couch conclusion of many South African football fans is that their top teams are not effective in converting opportunities into goals. And they are 100% correct, according to research by a masters student at Stellenbosch University... - University World News, Issue: 0128 ,13 June 2010- (pdf, 19KB)

GLOBAL: Seven recipes to become a top researcher - Young people entertain the illusion they will live forever and therefore time has no particular value to them. But success in scientific research presupposes the ability to travel in time. Unlike a dilettante, the professional scientist needs to think about how his or her ideas will be received in 10 years' time... - University World News, Issue: 0128 ,Jüri Allik, 13 June 2010- (pdf, 36KB)

bullet point May 2010

GLOBAL: Universities plan for sustainable energy - University presidents and vice-chancellors from the G8 and G20 countries agreed at a meeting in Vancouver last week on an action plan ahead of next month's summits in Canada. The third in a succession of university conferences, held since 2008 in the run up to the economic summits, focused on sustainability in three areas - energy, health and higher education... - University World News, Issue: 0126 ,David Jobbins, 30 May2010- (pdf, 28KB)

UAE: Students still stuck on remedial treadmill - Government efforts to end the need for remedial English and maths courses for most students entering federal universities have had a minimal effect so far, according to results for the UAE's university entrance examination released yesterday, writes Kathryn Lewis for The National. They show little change from last year's scores.... - University World News, Issue: 0126 , Kathryn Lewis, 30 May2010- (pdf, 15KB)

AFRICA: Research concentrated in three countries - Africa has extremely uneven distribution of research and innovative capacity, according to a recent report. Research is concentrated in Egypt in the north, Nigeria in the middle and South Africa in the south. Africa produces only some 27,000 papers a year - about the same volume of published output as The Netherlands - but the continent has relatively high representation, as a share of world publications, in fields related to natural resources... - University World News, Issue: 054 , Wagdy Sawahel, 23 May2010- (pdf, 33KB)

ZIMBABWE: Brain drain graduates must repay state aid -Zimbabwean university students who receive state assistance are now required to surrender a third of their salaries if they choose to work in foreign countries on completing their studies. The cash-strapped government has set up a special cadet scheme whose stringent conditions it hopes will stem a crippling brain drain that has hit most of the country's economic sectors... - University World News, Issue: 054, Special Correspondent, 23 May2010- (pdf, 19KB)

SOUTH AFRICA: Universities ponder four-year degrees - A government-led drive to open the doors of South African universities to poor students not only places strain on the national budget, it is also set to put greater pressure on academics and institutions to embrace changing curricula and improve their knowledge about education and alternative approaches to teaching and learning... - University World News, Issue: 125, Sharon Dell, 23 May2010- (pdf, 31KB)

GHANA: Ninety-nine-year-old graduates - In February 99-year-old World War II veteran and former teacher, Akasease Kofi Boakye Yiadom, graduated from the Presbyterian University College Business School in Abetifi, Ghana. The elderly graduate was featured on CNN's Inside Africa programme, and he took the opportunity to call on fellow graduates to be loyal and not join the brain drain.... - University World News, Issue: 0053 ,Kajsa Hallberg Adu,09 May2010- (pdf, 20KB)

ZIMBABWE: Region commits to rebuilding universities -Universities in Southern Africa have rallied to support the rebuilding of higher education in Zimbabwe, in what could evolve into a model of regional collaboration. Following a meeting of vice-chancellors in Cape Town, convened by the Southern African Regional Universities Association, a special envoy to Zimbabwe will be appointed to identify priority needs and develop an action plan to assist a sector devastated by a decade of political turmoil... - University World News, Issue: 0053 ,Karen MacGregor ,09 May2010- (pdf, 34KB)

KENYA: Enrolment chaos dent the quality of Kenyan degrees - Kenyan universities are admitting students for courses they have not registered with the regulator, deepening a simmering higher education quality crisis and exposing the graduates to the risk of rejection in the labour market. The Commission for Higher Education (CHE) says many of the courses for which thousands of students are enrolled have not been accredited and can therefore not be recognised as offering proper qualification to the various disciplines – putting thousands of careers on the line...- KIMANI ,M. 2010, "Enrolment chaos dent the quality of Kenyan degrees", Business Daly [online] available at - (pdf, 123KB)

bullet point February 2010

Please Skill Up The Building Industry - Our politicians and our government officials lie to us. Let’s not beat about the bush here: spin doctoring is just a euphemism for lying and we get a lot of lying all the time... - Hartdegen,P. 2010, "Please Skill Up The Building Industry", Master Builders Association [online] available at - (pdf, 108KB)

bullet point January 2010

HAITI: Quake devastates universities, kills academics - Universities have been destroyed and students and academics killed in the earthquake that struck Haiti on Tuesday... - University World News, Issue: 107 , Karen MacGregor, 17 January 2010- (pdf, 29KB)

UK: Tories to close visa loophole -A British Conservative government would demand a £2,000 (US$3,250) bond from overseas students in a bid to tackle bogus colleges and abuses of the visa system... - University World News, Issue: 107 , Diane Spencer, 17 January 2010- (pdf, 20KB)

ETHIOPIA: The dilemmas of higher education expansion -Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world. More than three-fourths of the nation's primary economic activity involves small-scale agriculture, not only highly inefficient but extremely vulnerable to variations in climate and international market prices. To move from an agrarian to a modern economy, Ethiopia requires citizens with more education... - University World News, Issue: 45 , Liz Reisberg and Laura E Rumbley, 17 January 2010- (pdf, 31KB)

SOUTH AFRICA: Hoax call to deport Zimbabwe graduates -A statement that appeared in the press calling for the repatriation of Zimbabwean graduates of South Africa's University of Fort Hare, has been dismissed as a hoax. But last week a dozen students who had presidential scholarships withdrawn by Zimbabwe's government for engaging in political activity, slammed the university for "allowing them to be victimised".... - University World News, Issue: 45 , Munyaradzi Makoni, 17 January 2010- (pdf, 21KB)

SOUTH AFRICA: Universities face more under-prepared students -Increased numbers of South African school-leavers eligible for university study, but with poor pass rates in mathematics and science in the 2009 national 'matriculation' examinations, mean universities will increasingly battle to provide academic support for under-prepared students... - University World News, Issue: 45 , Sharon Dell, 17 January 2010- (pdf, 26KB)

bullet point November 2009

CHINA-AFRICA: Three-year partnership plan announced - China and 49 African countries have agreed on a three-year action plan for establishing strategic partnerships in science and technology as well as higher education to promote knowledge-based sustainable development... - University World News, Issue: 0042 , Wagdy Sawahel, 29 November 2009 - (pdf, 27KB)

SOUTH AFRICA: Huge journal profits hit universities - Can you imagine an industry in which the global workforce is publicly-funded but their product is sold back to them by a private company from Europe or North America at a huge profit?... - University World News, Issue: 0042, Adam Habib, 29 November 2009 - (pdf, 33KB)

AFRICA: Digital library expansion underway - A two-year programme aimed at establishing and expanding digital libraries in Africa is underway and is expected to run until the end of next year. The initiative by the Southern African Greenstone Support Network, or SAGSN, follows a pilot project undertaken during 2007 and 2008 in 11 African countries... - University World News, Issue: 0041, 15 November 2009 - (pdf, 24KB)

EGYPT: Axed academics attack deadline -Ahmed Abdel Rehim, a demonstrator in the faculty of commerce at Ain Shams University, is one of 400 lecturers at Egypt's second biggest public university posted to administrative jobs after failing to meet a deadline to obtain postgraduate degrees. Rehim was among hundreds of angry academics to have twice protested against the move outside the office of the university president... - University World News, Issue: 0041 , Ashraf Khaled, 15 November 2009 - (pdf, 25KB)

US: New report on learning outcomes assessment - A national study published last week reveals that most US universities and colleges gather information about what students learn during their studies - but mostly do not use and report the results in ways that could improve student accomplishment and inform the public about institutional performance... - University World News, Issue: 0099 , 01 November 2009 - (pdf, 20KB)

GLOBAL: US again leads world rankings - American universities again dominate the latest Shanghai Jiao Tong rankings as they have for the past six years. Released last Friday, almost a week earlier than expected, the rankings place US universities in all but three of the top 20 spots with Harvard, Stanford and the University of California at Berkeley in first, second and third spot, and the universities of Cambridge, Oxford and Tokyo the only outsiders at fourth, 10th and 20th respectively. The top 10 universities are unchanged this year from the rankings drawn up in 2008... - University World News, Issue: 0099 , Geoff Maslen, 01 November 2009 - (pdf, 22KB)

AFRICA: New AVU online education centres - The African Virtual University, in partnership with the African Development Bank, has launched a centre of online learning and distance education in Zambia, the first of 10 scheduled to open in universities throughout Africa in the next five months... - University World News, Issue: 0040 , 01 November 2009 - (pdf, 18KB)

SOUTH AFRICA: Five-year engineering degree for Pretoria - The University of Pretoria will next year implement an augmented five-year engineering degree that includes compulsory life skills, in an effort to stop students switching from science and technology-related courses to other fields perceived to be simpler - or ultimately dropping out of the university... - University World News, Issue: 0040 , Munyaradzi Makoni, 01 November 2009 - (pdf, 20KB)

SOUTH AFRICA: Vice-chancellor faces death - The vice-chancellor who was slated by South Africa's rulers for 'pardoning' four white students who filmed a racist video at the University of the Free State, last week reopened the issue for further discussion. Meanwhile, the official opposition laid a charge against a ruling party leader for saying the vice-chancellor should be "shot and killed because he is a racist"... - University World News, Issue: 0040 , Karen MacGregor, 01 November 2009 - (pdf, 22KB)

SOUTH AFRICA: Benchmark book on the state of science - South African science has come of age. It has moved from isolation during apartheid to a boom of international inclusiveness in today's world. This route - steeped in social political and global ethos - is captured in a new book, The State of Science in South Africa, published by the Academy of Science of South Africa, ASSAf... - University World News, Issue: 0040 , Munyaradzi Makoni, 01 November 2009 - (pdf, 25KB)

October 2009

TUNISIA: Five-year strategy for higher education - Tunisia has announced a five year higher education, science and technology strategic plan aimed at promoting scientific research and technology-based industry... - University World News, Issue: 0039 , Wagdy Sawahel, 18 October 2009 - (pdf, 19 KB)

AFRICA: New study of HIV prevention - An international study aimed at establishing if it is possible to reduce a woman's risk of acquiring HIV using a vaginal gel or an oral tablet containing an antiretroviral drug, has been launched at the University of Zimbabwe... - University World News, Issue: 0039 , 18 October 2009 - (pdf, 22 KB)

ALGERIA: A postgraduate's lot is not a happy one -Postgraduate education is often below the standards expected by students who are subjected to a multiplicity of problems including lack of equipment and books, overcrowding, exclusion from study trips, and effects of corruption and nepotism, claims La Tribune of Algiers in a series of articles... - University World News, Issue: 0039 , 18 October 2009 - (pdf, 22 KB)

bullet point September 2009

SOUTH AFRICA: University satellite launched - South Africa's horizons in space were expanded last week with the launch of the country's second - and government's first - satellite. SumbandilaSat took off from Kazakhstan aboard a Soyuz rocket.... - University World News, Issue: 00 93 , Alison Moodie, 20 September 2009 - (pdf, 22.4 KB)

AUSTRALIA: Good practice guide for colleges - The federal government has published a good practice guide with details of the best performing international college providers in an effort to improve Australia's reputation for offering quality education to international students... - University World News, Issue: 00 93 , 20 September 2009 - (pdf, 16.7 KB)

SOUTHERN AFRICA: Affordable access pilot project -An Affordable Access pilot project is underway to establish whether an online library system, deployed with some success in South Africa, could add value to teaching and learning at universities in Malawi and Botswana.... - University World News, Issue: 00 37 , 13 September 2009 - (pdf, 16.6 KB)

AFRICA: Pan-African University to launch in 2010 -he Pan-African University, envisaged as a continental network of institutions training postgraduate students and promoting research, is set to open its doors next February... - University World News, Issue: 0037 , Munyaradzi Makoni, 13 September 2009 - (pdf, 23.0 KB)

AFRICA: Up close in the Congo -Researcher Stephanie Wolters and a couple of journalists were driving along a road in the conflict-torn eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) last year when they came upon a roadblock. "The block turned out to be a dead Congolese soldier," she recalled... - University World News, Issue: 0091, Karen MacGregor, 06 September 2009 - (pdf, 29.4KB)

August 2009

GAMBIA: Plans to develop higher education -The Gambia - resource-poor, under-developed and the smallest country in Africa - has launched a 10-year higher education strategy to build its human resources and strengthen tertiary infrastructure... - University World News, Issue: 0036, Wagdy Sawahel, 30 August 2009 - (pdf, 22KB)

AFRICA: Plan for 15 NextEinstein institutes -An innovative NextEinstein Initiative, which provides postgraduate training in maths and computing skills to super-bright African graduates, is spreading its wings... - University World News, Issue: 0036, Wagdy Sawahel, 30 August 2009 - (pdf, 26KB)

SOUTH AFRICA: Shocking results from university tests -South African vice-chancellors warned the government last week to expect more students to drop out, as the shocking results of pilot national benchmark tests revealed that only 7% of first-year students are proficient in mathematics... - University World News, Issue: 0035, Karen MacGregor,16 August 2009 - (pdf, 30KB)

ZIMBABWE: Top university reopens, but no new students -The University of Zimbabwe finally reopened last week after an eight-month delay - but Vice-chancellor Professor Levi Nyagura ruled out a fresh intake of students this year... - University World News, Issue: 0088, 09 August 2009 - (pdf, 27KB)

SOUTHERN AFRICA: Study identifies 20 HE challenges - A study of higher education in 15 countries of the Southern African Development Community, SADC, has identified 20 leadership challenges facing the region, governments and institutions... - University World News, Issue: 0087, Karen MacGregor, 02 August 2009 - (pdf, 52KB)

SOUTH AFRICA: Idle minds and hands a social time bomb - Nearly three million of the 6.7 million young South Africans in the 18-to-24-year age group were unemployed or not receiving education and training in 2007 - and they pose a threat of "serious social disruption"... - University World News, Issue: 0034, Primarashni Gower, 02 August 2009 - (pdf, 21KB)

bullet point June 2009

EUROPE: New ways of financing higher education - University funding in many European countries has changed markedly in recent years, largely moving from a line item budget system where public funds are allocated on the basis of certain functions - such as human resources, facilities and specific projects... - University World News, Issue: 0081, Wagdy Sawahel, 21 June 2009 - (pdf, 20KB)

BENIN: Higher education in crisis - Higher education in the West African nation of Benin is in crisis as a result of increasing demands from prospective students while internal and external resources are dwindling.... - University World News, Issue: 0081, Wagdy Sawahel, 21 June 2009 - (pdf, 18KB)

BRAZIL: Student quotas - the policy debate - The Brazilian Congress is discussing a bill requiring federal higher education institutions to introduce a 50% quota for poor, non-white applicants who are public school graduates.... - University World News, Issue: 0081, Simon Schwartzman, 21 June 2009 - (pdf, 30KB)

INDIA: Time for a serious higher education rethink - Barely 11% of the relevant age group were enrolled in higher education in India in 2007. The Indian state has been so under-invested in education as a whole since independence in 1947, that higher education was bound to arrive at this juncture... - University World News, Issue: 0081, Santosh Mehrotra, 21 June 2009 - (pdf, 31KB)

SOUTH AFRICA: Monitoring university transformation -South Africa's new Minister of Higher Education and Training, Dr Blade Nzimande, has announced the creation of a monitoring group to deal with university transformation, following a damning report into lingering racism on campuses.... - University World News, Issue: 0031, Karen MacGregor and Munyaradzi Makoni, 14 June 2009 - (pdf, 28KB)

bullet point May 2009

SOUTH AFRICA: Push to graduate more PhDs - Hundreds of postgraduate students gathered in Johannesburg this month for the annual conference and fair of the South African PhD Project, an initiative supporting a planned five-fold increase in the number of doctoral graduates by 2025... - University World News, Issue: 0030, Karen MacGregor, 31 May 2009 - (pdf, 27KB)

Majority of South Africans believe country will be ready for 2010 – survey - Marketing research company African Response on Wednesday stated that its 2010 Barometer has seen a record high in the nation’s confidence ahead of 2010.... - Engineering News, Creamer Media Reporter, 06 May 2009 - (pdf, 59.6KB)

AFRICA: AAU 12th general conference begins - Hundreds of African and international higher education leaders are gathering in Abuja, N igeria, today for the 12th General Conference of the Association of African Universities. The theme of this major event from 4-9 May is "Sustainable Development in Africa: The role of higher education".... - University World News, Issue: 0028, Karen MacGregor, 03 May 2009 - (pdf, 27.4KB)

AFRICA: Women scientists discuss new network - Members of the International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists (Inwes) met in Abidjan last month to discuss setting up an African regional network... - University World News, Issue: 0028, 03 May 2009 - (pdf, 18.4KB)

bullet point April 2009

ZAMBIA: Plans for new qualifications authority - Plans to introduce a new higher education qualifications authority in Zambia have reached an advanced stage and the government is working on opening three new university colleges next month... - University World News, Issue: 0072, Clemence Manyukwe, 19 April 2009 - (pdf, 19.6KB)

SOUTH AFRICA: Youth leader threatens Cape Town management - When president-in-waiting Jacob Zuma comes to power following this week's general elections, lecturers and managers will be replaced at the University of Cape Town - the country's top research university - because it remains a hotbed of counter-revolutionaries. So says Julius Malema, president of the ruling African National Congress's Youth League, writes Quinton Mtyala in the Cape Times... - University World News, Issue: 0072, 19 April 2009 - (pdf, 16.2KB)

bullet point March 2009

GLOBAL: What are universities for? - The title of this article should be a FAQ - that is, a frequently asked question. My contention is that the question, 'What are universities for?' is not asked enough, and that it tends not to be answered in a cogent and realistic way by those best placed to do so, that is by academics.... - University World News, Issue: 0069, Geoffrey Boulton, 29 March 2009 - (pdf, 61.2KB)

NIGERIA: President tasks universities on funding - President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua has told Nigerian universities to explore alternative sources of funding and stop depending solely on government funds for their operations, writes John Shiklam in the Daily Champion... - University World News, Issue: 0069, 29 March 2009 - (pdf, 15.7KB)

US: The centrality of the academic profession - In 1992, Bill Clinton was elected president of the United States in considerable part by emphasising the importance of the economy. His mantra - "It's the economy, stupid!" - focused this point. For higher education, the mantra should be "It's the faculty, stupid!". In fact, no university can achieve success without a well-qualified, committed academic profession... - University World News, Issue: 0069, Philip C Altbach, 29 March 2009 - (pdf, 37KB)

bullet point February 2009

Wanted: PhDs -- sans laptops - In their race to lure more postgraduate students, some universities are stopping just short of offering students a free semester to Jamaica... - Mail & Guardian Online, 10 February 2009 - (pdf, 18.9KB)

AFRICA: South Africa, Egypt Dominate New Ranking -There are 11 South African and four Egyptian universities in the latest Africa Top 20 of the Web Ranking of World Universities... - University World News, Karen McGregor, 22 February 2009 - (pdf, 22KB)

Crisis means boom time for business ethics courses -BUSINESS schools in SA, and the world over, are being asked for help in putting ethics in its rightful place.... -, Sue Blaine, 24 February 2009 - (pdf, 74KB)

bullet point October 2008

South Africa: Building Accidents Reveal Some Shaky Foundations -, 28 October 2008 - (pdf, 108KB)
Prof. Theo Haupt Response to this article - (pdf, 17KB)

bullet point July 2008

Boubedryf Kom Onder Die Loep - Article about The Third Built Environment Conference - Die Burger, 12 July 2008 - (pdf, 22KB)

Danger Ahead - Construction Industry Faces Worrisome and Potentially Fatal Challenges - Business Times, 13 July 2008 - (pdf, 342KB)

Construction Deaths: who is Responsible? - Peoples Post, 15 July 2008 - (pdf,434KB)


bullet point July 2008

ASOCSA Presidential Address - For the period 02 Jyly 2007 to 02 July 2008 - (pdf, 44KB)